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Regina Lindinger is a song poet, a multi instrumentalist and above all a lively voice from southern Germany. Her repertoire consists of Bavarian / native Indian drum songs, chansons without words, contemplative trance music, songs, lyrics and voice pieces. She accompanies herself using different drums, on guitar and on piano. Musical support is delivered by saxophone, flute, didgeridoo, synthesizer and percussion. A night with Regina Lindinger offers Bavarian wit, spontaneous joy of improvisation and deeply rooted spiritualism.

Although she presents her singing in a kind of root language she can't deny her Bavarian background. Listening to her music lets you think of archaic cultures. You may still hear that Regina Lindinger was classically trained as a vocalist. Thus she creates an exotic fascination instantly captivating her audiences with the creation of imaginary landscapes that come to mind and allow the soul to travel as the body relaxes. "Steppenflug" for example is a musical journey across the seemingly endless steppe without words.

The German newspaper Landsberger Tagblatt wrote about Regina Lindinger's perfomance: "Her songs and her instrumental pieces seem to flow freely about the room. Her voice carries the sound concepts. It comes to completion with the interchange of percussion and saxophone. It is giving and sacrifice in interaction."

Regina Lindinger has brought her shows to Brazil, Russia, the Ukraine and several other countries.


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Regina Lindinger CD "Aufbruch"
Awakening - Outset - Departure

 ... Jan Garbarek would engage this woman as a singer. Mari Boine would spontaneously play at her concert as first act, just after the Biermösl Blosn. Her songs sometimes remind me of singer - songwriters, sometimes they are like jazz improvisations, sometimes they sound like folk musik or even church music. 

This woman uses her voice as an instrument but not the way many other vocalists do. She doesn't merely imitate music instruments and she doesn't use her voice only for generating amazing sounds. No, Regina Lindinger uses her voice exactly the way every song needs it. This can be free improvisation or sound collage - and sometimes she just sings. 

"Aufbruch" includes plenty of meditative, shamanistic music too. I feel the fascination of this woman and I listen to her music again and again. So: buy this CD as soon as possible - you won't find such a music a second time.

(Christian Splitt-Kretzschmar in the german music magazine FOLKER) 


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Regina Lindinger & Le Goût:
CD "Experience of the Moment"

"The Drumming Didgi with the Singing Mono-Piano" 

Ilonka Hoermann
: Native Indian Drum

Regina Lindinger:  Voice - Indian Drum
Jan Dosch: Monochord, Tambura, Percussion
Peter Soldner: Piano, Percussion 
Hans Jürgen Wagner: Didgeridoo, Percussion

In our music we combine the ancient instruments of the American Indians and Aborigines with those from the eastern and western cultures and weave these sound pictures into new worlds of music accompanied by the human voice.

Our music is created in the very moment of playing together. There are no set compositions or prior arrangements but 100% intuition and improvisation. Every new idea of sound or rhythm of anyone of us is at the same moment an impulse for the others to pick up this idea for new creations, from meditations to grooving blues or tender dialogues.

AUFBRUCH - CD-Review in "folkworld"

Label: Turbulent; 02670; 2000; Playing time: 67.00 min
The German Regina Lindinger released her new cd Aufbruch about one year ago. A very special talent this Regina Lindinger. She mixes the music-styles of several cultures into her own type of music. She makes songs, plays with her voice and tries to bring us in trance with special trance-songs. The opening track Yalla ele sounds very African while the voice has a light Sami touch. The music has a very light touch and varies from jazzy to pure improvisation. Vor Lauter Kampf sounds like a desperate love song from the Middle ages while the intro to this song reminds me more than before of music from the Sami culture. It's a special cd. Her voice touches me and I enjoy her dreamy and intriguing music. (Eelco Schilder)

JAHRESZEITEN -CD-Review in "folkworld"

Label: Popeya; 01202.; 2002; Playing time: 52.18 min
The German singer-songwriter Regina Lindinger released her latest cd JahresZeiten about ten months ago on a new label called Popeya. Together with jazz musician Martin Seeliger, percussionist Roman Seehon, Lori Lorenzen on the guitar and Alex Haas on strings, she creates her own musical world full of high quality vocal art. It's a cd full of down to earth ballad's with a serious undertone. The smooth, jazzy arrangements makes Lindingers musical world complete. Very nice! (Eelco Schilder)

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Regina Lindinger - LEBENDIGE STIMME
Landwehrstr. 52,
80336 München, Germany
Phone 0049-89-5380201
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